Facial Hair Remover by Bellabe

The older that I’ve gotten, the more facial hair I seem to be getting. This is not something that is very exciting to me. I’ve tried waxing, plucking and even shaving the few hairs that poke through. While effective, these methods can often prove to be painful and time consuming. With this facial hair remover, I was able to easily remove my facial hair with minimal pain.

After ordering, this product arrived two days later. After removing it from the packaging, you see the the long spiral coil with two handles on either end. To use this facial hair remover, you hold the coil against your skin, stretch it apart, let the coil fold back into themselves and pull the coil away from your face. When you look down at the coil, you see the hairs between the coils. Simply stretching the coils back apart empties the hair from the coils. Then, you are able to start again.

Despite the fact that you are basically plucking a lot of the hair out at one time, I found this to not be very painful. This quite surprised me honestly. Even plucking my eyebrows will make my eyes water. This felt almost like my skin was being pinched. No where near the level of pain that you feel after plucking or waxing!  When I pluck with tweezers, I often times have to take breaks. With this product, I was able to do all of the hair within minutes without any issues or even the thought of taking a break.

The one thing that I would say would be that this item is not meant for precision jobs. It was perfect for my chin, cheeks and lip area, but was not precise enough for my eyebrow. It does an amazing job on the larger jobs, but you’ll still need another product to get those precision jobs such as your eyebrow. Overall, I am very pleased with this product. I would recommend it to anyone. It was a very fast and effective way to remove facial hair for the larger portions of my face. To take advantage of this amazing product, click HERE!